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List of Past and Present Clients

Wachovia Bank Greentree Mortgage
The Money Store I.T.T.
Commercial Capitol of NY Equity Life
Business Loan Express Ciena Capital
Temecula Valley Bank CIT Finance
Mellon Financial Liberty Mutual
Preferred Capital Lincoln Financial
Continental Bank of NJ CoreState Bank
First CornerStone Bank of PA Equity National Bank
Phila. Police & Fire Credit Union Frankel Financial Grouo
Westinghouse Corporation Unity Bank
Ashland Oil Company Roebling Bank
Bethlehem Steel Corporation Minotola National Bank
Household Finance Corp. Cornerstone Mortgage
RTC Resolution Trust Corp. First Financial Savings
HUD Clover Bank
Tennessee Pipeline InterState Net Bank
U.S. Steel United Bank of Philadelphia
Chrystler Realty Corp. Frankford Bank (PA)
Koppers Corporation Princeton Bank
Atlantic Employee Federal Credit Valley Green Bank of PA
IBM Third Federal Savings Bank
SBA Stonebridge Bank of PA
HMFA of New Jersey EKT Capital
Commercial Capital NY Conrail Federal Credit Union